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How do I book an Appointment?

You can book an appointment using the online booking form on each service page, simply call 587-570-5559, or visit us in person at 4041 74 Ave SE Calgary, Alberta.

How often should I detail my car?

You can’t put a price on your car’s health! A detailed vehicle is much more attractive and will increase its market value when you decide to sell. We recommend  detailing your car in Calgary every time you get an oil change or twice per year– this way you can keep your car in optimal condition and extend the life of your vehicle.

How can I tell if my car needs to be waxed or polished?

Here are two tests you can use to evaluate the paint condition:

  1. After washing and drying the car, run your hand lightly along the upper surfaces of the car. The surfaces should feel very smooth. If you detect rough spots or feel drag, the car needs a wax.
  2. Spray water on the car, if tight beads appear, this means that the paint has the proper amount of protection. If the beads are loose, there is not enough protection on the car. If there are no beads, there is no protection on the car and a wax should be applied as soon as possible.
Why should I choose detailing versus just washing my own car?

Detailing isn’t just about cleaning your car! It’s a whole lot more than that. It’s a process that removes dirt, bugs, sap, and other debris from your vehicles paint.

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It also provides rim and tire treatments, waxing and applied protectants that keep your car’s paint job looking like it just arrived in the showroom as well as carpet and headliner shampooing, wet sanding, and restoring the original look, smell, and feel of leathers or vinyl surfaces inside your vehicle. Moreover, regular detailing extends the life of your car, maintains safety and integrity of your vehicle and actually adds to its value.